Why we ride

Changing lives with Qhubeka

We race for something bigger than ourselves – to mobilise the youth of Africa through Qhubeka bicycles. We believe #BicyclesChangeLives and it is the reason we clip in and ride, the incentive to go out and train, and our motivation to win races. You can help us impact more lives by making a donation to Qhubeka.

Goal in 2018
Lives changed in 2018
Lives to be changed in 2019

Qhubeka: Get to know the project

Qhubeka was founded in 2005. Qhubeka means “to progress”, “to move forward”, because bicycles help people to travel faster and further, and to carry more. Qhubeka uses bicycles to connect people to schools, clinics and jobs. Communities with limited transport have restricted options, but bicycles are tools of change. This means they can get where they need to go and do things that are difficult without transport, like fetching supplies, travelling to school or work, visiting a clinic, or providing emergency help after a disaster. A bicycle is a tool that helps people move forward.


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